Precious Scarlet – Part 2

Read Part 1 – if you haven’t already

– – –

My mother’s voice fades as I enter my room and lock the door. Why did she have to mention Sam?! He was the one part of my life I wish I could undo, yet he was the one part of my life that felt genuine and… right. He held the biggest piece of my heart, and destroyed it so easily… it’s almost laughable, if it weren’t still fresh in my mind.

“What?” I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

The man in front of me, sighs and stares emotionlessly through my soul. “Let’s end this.”

“…No” I can’t bring myself to say anything more than that. My fiancé is not pleased with that response. His blank stare, which used to be so full of life and happiness is now replaced with frustration. When did he become like this. He sighs again, but I cut him off before he can break my heart further. “Why… Why are you saying this?”

I’m not even sure I want to know. But he doesn’t answer, he doesn’t even apologize. “You can keep the ring.” I’m lost for a second, as he wastes no time paying the bill for food we didn’t eat. He’s ready to leave, without even giving me a reason why he’s breaking up with me.

“Sam!” He turns after reaching the clear glass door.

“Goodbye Scar, I wish I could explain it to you…”

“Then explain!” I hopped from the chair, taking long strides to meet him. “Explain so I can understand, we can work through whatever it is!”

He sighs again but doesn’t answer. Finally, after the longest minute of my life, he traces the line of my jaw and gives a small frown, “I’m sorry, Scar.”

I sigh and fall face first on my bed. This is not how I imagined my day going.

In need of a distraction, I call up my best friend Nyssa. She answers almost immediately. I knew we were best friends for a reason. “So how was it?” I don’t even get to get to say hello first and she already knows.

“Ugh, don’t even get me started on the world’s most boring bachelor.”

She laughs, “Was it that bad?”

“It was worse.” I hold back a dull groan, “I don’t even remember what he was talking about, so I left.”

She laughs hysterically, “You just left him, poor guy.”

“Poor me, just blah, blah, blah for TWO hours!”

“Geez, girl, I’m surprised you even stayed that long.”

“Weren’t you just saying you felt bad for him?” I ask with a chuckle.

“Yea, before you said two hours.” I can almost see her rolling her eyes. “So what’d your mom think about it?”

“Ugh! Don’t even go there.” Now I’m rolling my eyes. My mom never knows when to quit. “She blew her top on this one. Says she has another one planned for tomorrow.”

“Seriously?! Where does she find all these guys?”

I shrug even though she can’t see me.

“So who is it this time?” She asks, almost as if she knew I shrugged.

“Don’t know, don’t care.” I’m not gracing another one of my mom’s choices with my presence again. But, knowing my mother, she won’t give in easily. “If I do end up going though, I’m going to need an escape.”

She laughs, like she was expecting me to say that. “No worries, I got you.”

Of course, “I knew we were best friends for a reason!”

By the time we get off the phone, it’s almost 2am and I’m dreading tomorrow. Knowing my mother, she’ll have some way to trap me into going to the date; I just have to be ready to one up whatever she’s planned.

Shouldn’t be too hard, right?


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