The Fourteenth

Guess what? Today’s Valentine’s Day!

Ask me if I care.

Honestly, it’s just another day geared to make me spend money on unnecessary things (don’t tell my future husband 😛 ). As much as I really love the sweets, what’s really the point of all the spending? I’m sure you can have a wonderful Valentine’s Day without it…. then again, that’s coming from a single person.

Hopefully, all those in a relationship are enjoying this day. To me, it’s just another day. To me, it’s just the fourteenth of February. I still have homework, and exams, and lab reports to write, and stress to overcome. To me, Valentine’s day is not a special day, and if not for Instagram and the social medias, I would’ve forgotten all about it.

(Now if Valentine’s Day was a Holiday and I could officially skip school, that would be a whole different story! Who’s with me?)