New Computer!

So I just got a new computer. This time, I decided to get a Macbook instead of the usual PC. I made this decision for several reasons, but that’s not important right now.

I knew there would be things I’d have to learn with the mac, and so far I’m doing pretty good learning without googling too much. But there really is a big learning curve to get over with the switch.

The naming of things is really throwing me off a bit, but I assume over time I’ll learn that “the finder” is really just “my computer” and I don’t download programs, I buy applications through the app store and download “disk images” (like firefox for example) so they can be read and figuratively ejected from the imaginary disk drive. Thanks mac, for thoroughly confusing me for the whole two days I’ve had this macbook air (I swear it’s so thin, I feel like it’s going to cut me one day O_O).

One thing I really do love though, is the mouse pad. It’s awesome. nuff said.


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