Give Love

When I think of my mother, many things immediately come to mind. Her nagging, her overprotective tendencies, her words of wisdom, her love. Though me and my mother don’t always agree with each other, we will always love and cherish one another. A mother’s ability to give love consistently and passionately, is beyond any I have ever seen.

Today, I don’t want to argue with my mom, I want to thank her for the years of locking me in the house so I don’t cause trouble. I want to appreciate her always driving me to school even when I tried to feign sickness (she’s a nurse, she knows when I’m faking it Ha-ha!). Most of all, I want to give her more love than she gave me, but that would take my entire lifetime – which I am more than willing to give. Though I may complain and groan, she will always be there when I fall. She will be always be with me, even if it’s not physically. And for that, I will always be grateful – more than all the words in the world can describe.

Thank you mommy, for always giving me love, even when I may not deserve it.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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