Hardships and Junk

It seems the year is off to an awful start. I would go into detail, but I fear I’ll start crying and won’t be able to stop.

So I’ll simply say this.

I worked hard the past year, 2015. I feel as if my work has been ignored – though not completely, for which I am thankful. Sigh.

My mood has not improved and it’s taking all of me, and a bit more, if I had any, to not damn the whole year to hell. 

I often wonder if it’s something I can work to improve, but recently I’ve found that there’s nothing I can do to change the series of events that’s currently turning my life upside down. 

I truly wish I could sit back and say “Happy New Year!” and drink champagne and all that jazz, but that’s not the case. I feel as if I am trapped. 

Negativity that wasn’t there last year surrounds me this year and while everyone is saying they want to get rid of the past years hardships and junk, I’m getting new hardships and junk I didn’t have to deal with three days ago. 

But I’ll keep my hopes up, after all, there are 366 days this year. One of them is bound to be good, I just have to wait patiently and not let the darkness bury me before I can see it.


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