Define Normal

It’s been a while but I’ve always wondered, what makes a person normal? And why is it that people don’t want to be regarded as being abnormal, yet they have no issues being called “unique”?

Are they not the same thing?

At one point, I wanted to write a book about it, but it’s such an open-ended question, I ended up having no viable ending or beginning to such a tale.

Webster defines “normal” as:

Usual, or ordinary. Not strange.

Mentally and physically healthy.

It even adds mathematical and scientific definitions (just in case anyone was wondering). The mentally and physically normal part astonished me a bit (sorry I don’t define things for a living). It made me think of the brave souls who risked their normalcy for us to keep ours. Those who’ve lost what can never be regained and how little they are shown true gratitude.

I’m talking about our Veterans, and you don’t have to be an American to have or to be a Veteran.

To express gratitude for and to those who have fought to wars unfathomable to others is beyond words. And “Thank you” is simply not enough.

I have a few close friends who were and still are in the army and I pray everyday for their normalcy, but I know what the world calls “normal” pertains not to the heart or the soul, but to the extremities and only those that can be seen. So let us not regard our veterans as “abnormal”, just as we don’t regard superheroes as abnormal.

I mean, are veteran’s not our real life superheroes?


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