No Time for Fun and Games

So apparently I’m the Netflix manager in my household. Meaning, I’m supposed to surf the site and find something we can watch as a family. Now, I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever had arguments about what to watch on TV, then you can see my dilemma.

Even though we aren’t many, with their long list of preferences, it’s no wonder I don’t ever feel lie watching with them. Me, on the other hand, I can watch pretty much anything – except horror. I don’t care about language (that’s what subtitles are for). Of course, I would prefer watching something with depth, but other times, I just want to laugh – whether it’s at the total absurdity of it all, or just the fact that it’s supposed to be funny.

But, no. My family doesn’t like other languages (they want to read anything!), they don’t like when the story drags (That’s like everything!) or ones where there’s “too much talking” (What?!).

What am I supposed to say to that? How am I supposed to find something to fit their criteria?!

But, surprisingly enough, it hasn’t been impossible.

So, we watched Once Upon A Time, Revenge, Alphas, 4400, Nikita, and Arrow and all was great. Then when I have school or if I just don’t feel like watching, they get angry and say I’m abandoning them. Again, you can see why I don’t feel like finding something to watch. I know myself well enough to know that I won’t have time to watch with them for a long time, and knowing them, they’ll make a huge deal out of it and guilt trip me for weeks.

So excuse me for seeming rude, but I really don’t have time for fun and games.


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