Precious Scarlet – Part 1

Blah, Blah-Blah, Blah… I continue staring at the man in front of me. Sure he’s handsome, I guess, but honestly all he’s done the entire ‘date’ is talk to himself. I say he’s talking to himself because I’d be lying if I said I heard a word he’s said. His lips continue moving and by now I’m beyond annoyed.

Why am I even here? I have much better things to do than stare at a man’s lips move. If they were saying something important, I might not mind so much, but this guy’s been talking about how much he loves his horses or whatever for the past hour!

How can a person even talk that long?!

“Scarlet?” he asks, looking a bit disturbed. “Are you listening?”

I smile and nod. If I were to answer honestly, I’m sure he wouldn’t like it. He continues talking, but it’s all muted to my ears. Thank God for selective hearing.

Completely bored out of my mind, I decide to scan the diner we’re having our ‘date’ in. It’s small and the walls are a unique faded red. The tables are a light brown that has obviously been used for more than several years. The reason my mother chose this place for me to have a blind date, I would never know. Surprisingly enough, it’s actually pretty calm and comfortable in here. Maybe if not for this boredom of a date, I might actually enjoy myself.

Ugh, I’ve had enough! Turning back to my droning date, I silence him with a hand on top of his across the slightly wet table. “Do you mind? I have to use the ladies room.” I flash a dazzling smile and without waiting for an answer, I pick up my clutch purse and head for the exit.

A distinct scowl reaches my face and I reach the door just as his voice registers for the first time since we introduced ourselves, “That’s not the way to the bathroom…”

My scowl molds into a smirk, of course it isn’t.

It takes me half a minute to reach the diner’s parking lot where my pearly white beauty sits waiting for me. It calls me closer as I unlock its doors.

Glancing back at the building, I manage to notice my date waving at me. Aww, he’s saying hi! That would be cute, if he weren’t so boring. As I drive closer to him, I notice that he is not waving to say hi. He’s actually looking rather shocked and furious. Hmm, maybe he actually enjoyed the date?

As I drive by, I send him a smirk and a wink for good measure. Maybe he’ll decide not to tell my mother I just ditched him.

– – –

“I can’t believe you ditched your date!” A shrill scream startles me right as I enter the door to my home. What a welcome. Whatever happened to ‘how was your day?’

I sigh and force my way inside as my mother, Ruth Winters continues glaring at me. I cross the living room and enter the kitchen. I drop my purse on the counter and ruffle through the fridge even though I just ate less than fifteen minutes ago.

I finally spot what I’m looking for just as the refrigerator door slams in my face. “Answer me, what were you thinking?!” Her voice is higher than before, and I honestly wish for my selective hearing to kick in. “I picked a nice man for you! The least you could do is show some gratitude!”

I finally turn to her only to notice that she’s extremely dressy for a day in the house. I ignore it and formulate my words carefully, who knows when she could blow a fuse. “I didn’t ditch him, mother. I simply left early.”

She literally goes from furious to completely and utterly enraged; “Don’t you dare take that tone with me young lady!” I can only think, what tone?

I stand my ground, “Mom, I’m twenty two! I can handle myself and my love life and I don’t need you to set me up with the world’s most boring bachelors!”

Her eyes relax a bit, but her words don’t show that she’s any less angry. “Really, and what happened last time you ‘handled your love life’?”

I frown, reminded of why exactly we’re having this argument. “Mistakes happen all the time, you know that.”

“Not when you dated for five years.” Her words slap me across the face, hard and completely right.

Yet I still deny, “You’re just saying that because you didn’t like him.”

She sighs, “You know exactly how I felt about Samuel.” She takes my hand. I expect she’s trying to make me feel better. It isn’t working very well, or at all. “That’s why I’m trying to help you.”

I take my right hand back. “Well, I don’t need your help, and don’t expect me to go on another blind date. I’m done.” I turn from her just as she screams something else, completely taking me off guard.

“You have a date tomorrow, I won’t tolerate you ditching this one.”

– – –

Move on to Part 2 !


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