Hoping it’s a Shooting Star

I know it’s probably not, but I can’t help but hope anyway.

I took this picture two years and a month ago, yet I’m looking at it now. It’s funny because I took hundreds of pictures while I was there and never really looked at them. Most of them were of blurry buildings (I don’t like selfies) and others were of the friends I went with. At the time, I figured, what was the point of taking a picture of the same sky I can see from home.

Turns out, it’s about the moment, the remembrance, rather than the “it”.

Turns out, I don’t take enough time to appreciate how good I’ve got it and I end up making wishes, not knowing they’ve already come true.

I can’t help but remember a Disney movie I watched once while babysitting. They had a whole song number (as they always do) and I still remember a line that didn’t quite hit me at the time.

“You got what you wanted, but lost what you had.”

And I realize… I don’t want to wish for something at the expense of what I already have. So, I will enjoy the life I’m in, even with all its issues and arguments. I will be content, even through my wants and only ask God for what I need.

Psst! Can you guess the Disney movie?


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