The Fourteenth

Guess what? Today’s Valentine’s Day!

Ask me if I care.

Honestly, it’s just another day geared to make me spend money on unnecessary things (don’t tell my future husband 😛 ). As much as I really love the sweets, what’s really the point of all the spending? I’m sure you can have a wonderful Valentine’s Day without it…. then again, that’s coming from a single person.

Hopefully, all those in a relationship are enjoying this day. To me, it’s just another day. To me, it’s just the fourteenth of February. I still have homework, and exams, and lab reports to write, and stress to overcome. To me, Valentine’s day is not a special day, and if not for Instagram and the social medias, I would’ve forgotten all about it.

(Now if Valentine’s Day was a Holiday and I could officially skip school, that would be a whole different story! Who’s with me?)



Evolving Resolutions

Ah, it’s that time of year again: the beginning. Where everyone’s mentioning how they want to change this and change that about themselves, let go of all the “haters” and “negativity” and “New Year, New Me”, or whatever. The New Year is apparently a time of reflection and resolutions. And what a great time to start, right? Brand new! Filled with hope and passion and whatever else to get us through the first week before we return to the very things that had us hating the previous year.

How long will the cycle continue?

I don’t know about you, but I’m growing really tired of it.

Instead of simply saying that we want to “lose weight and get fit” or “go the gym regular” or “let go of negativity”, how about we make plausible goals using a few simple rules.

Let’s evolve our resolutions to actually mean something. A good friend of mine told me today that he wasn’t going to have a resolution this year because he always failed at them. What? Uh, maybe that’s because you set unrealistic goals? What is it about New Years and the word Resolution that makes people think it has to be impossible? That it can’t be something simple? Are the simple “goals” (notice I didn’t say resolution) meant only for the middle of the year?Read More »

Happy Holidays

The December holidays of 2016 has got to be some of the most dramatic days I have ever seen in well, ever (considering that I’m still pretty young).

Celebrities died, and that’s always sad, especially at this time of year. People focus more on spending money and buying extravagant presents that all the problems that have been advocated seem to dissipate in all the Christmas chaos, among other unforgotten chaos. Our sensitive generation decides that just because someone celebrates a holiday doesn’t mean that others also celebrate that holiday, and therefore shouldn’t wish them based on said holiday. Really? Is it really that serious? No. No, it’s not.

If I wish someone a Merry Christmas (not Xmas, but we’ll get into that later) it’s not because I sudden;t think you should adopt Christianity and come to church with me on Sunday. I genuinely just want you to have a good day, not unlike any other day, except the fact that it’s a holiday. But right, my words are meant to magically convert your beliefs into my own. If people were really that persuasive, our world would be much worse, trust me.

I’m not even sure I want to get into Xmas at this point, so I’ll make it brief. What is the point of Christmas without Christ? Imagine if all of your friends planned a surprise birthday party for you but then don’t invite you. The focus of the entire celebration shifts in that very moment, and that’s what I saw this year.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many truly amazing things that happened this holiday season, but for some reason, our society loves to place our attention in all the worst parts of the world. What hope are we to have for the new year, if we can’t even see the good that’s happened in the current year?

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays everyone, I truly hope we can all see past the celebrity deaths, and all other Christmass Chaos we choose (or are forced) to involve ourselves in this holiday season and hope for a brighter 2017.

Fighting to be Free

I remember reading this book when it first came out on Wattpad with millions of reads and votes and comments. To be honest, I loved this book… back then. I was beyond excited when I heard that Fighting to be Free was finally going to be published. But despite the talk of changes in the book, I really didn’t see many changes at all. In fact the changes I did see, weren’t really changes I liked. Some of the funny comments by the characters, and little details commonly missed during the first read through.

Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable read. Not my favorite, but not the worst either. Somewhere in between, which is why I would give this book 3 stars.

Read More »

Getting Real

I haven’t been active in a while, and that’s mainly because I’ve been preparing for the next big step in my life. A step I don’t necessarily want to take, but one that’s very much necessary. To put it simply, I’ve been prepping for Medical School and all the studying and stress that comes with it.

By no means am I in Med School yet, I’ve only just started the journey. I plan to take the MCAT soon, and in that, I realized just how much writing helped me, and I don’t want to give it up simply because time is scarce.

I often wonder what my life would be like if I were able to truly live my own life, make my own choices, and spend time on what I want to spend time on. Apparently life in a cage is not that simple. Medical school is my only way of escape, and trust me, I will do whatever it takes to hold onto that freedom. I just don’t want to lose myself in the process. So as writing is the escape for my mind, Medical school is the escape for my body.

As my impending future seems to draw nearer and nearer, the reality of it all is finally setting in. The prospect of medical school is getting real, and at 20, I can’t say I’m all too happy about signing my life away to hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Is this how much freedom costs?